Atopic Dermatitis: From Birth to Age Six

Sponsored by: Sanofi

Series Description: In this 3-part video series, a panel of experienced dermatology providers discusses the diagnosis, management, and treatment options for our youngest atopic dermatitis patients, those aged birth to six-years-old. The prevalence, burden of disease on patients and families, varying clinical presentations, approved and non-approved therapies, and the utility of allergy testing, patch testing, and IgE testing is discussed. Sit back and grab a notepad as you glean clinical insights that can be utilized immediately in your clinic!

Information About the Panelists:

Alexandra Golant, MD and Marc Serota, MD join Douglas DiRuggiero, DMSc, PA-C for the educational video series. Dr. Golant is the Medical Director of the Dermatology Faculty Practice and the Program Director of the Dermatology Residency Program at Mount Sinai. Dr. Serota is triple board certified in dermatology, allergy/asthma/immunology, and pediatrics and currently practices in Denver, Colorado. Douglas DiRuggiero is a certified Physician Assistant who has been practicing medical dermatology for the past 23 years in Rome, GA.

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